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Subject: How much did your last traffic ticket cost you?

If you get fined for a traffic violation, what does it cost? Obviously
there's the fine itself. If you had to leave work to go to court, add the
price of your lost time and wages. Don't forget to include your increased
insurance premiums, which will probably add up, over several years, to much
more than the fine itself. Do you know the total cost yet?

No. The hidden cost, which most Americans have never even thought of when
dealing with traffic tickets, is you are losing your freedom. For years, the
government has been telling the public that driving is a priviledge, not a
right - and now most people believe that. Is it true, though?

When America was founded, our forefathers assumed the right to freely travel
the public roads without question in the peaceful conduct of their own
private affairs was such a fundamentally recognized right that they didn't
need to explicitly list it in the Constitution. That right, however, is
precisely what has been taken away: You must now first get permission from
the government before you venture out in public.

Do you really think it's proper that such a fundamental part of our freedom
has been taken away? Is that something you want to give up without a fight?

"Common wisdom" tells us that "you can't fight City Hall" - the government is
out of control. That attitude is most of the problem: The only way it can
happen is if we let it - by not banding together into a unified voice to put
our public servants into their place.

YOU can make a difference. Help us in the fight to protect our liberty by
going to to join the battle, or to at least
learn more about the issues involved. This domestic threat to our freedom is
as dangerous, if not more so, than any external ones we have ever experienced
in the past. -- it's your freedom at stake.

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